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New seller need help with due dates

Hi, I got my first order as a seller and I’m still figuring out everything. I have a doubt regarding the due date, which according to the order is in 1 day, but there’s a note below that says “Delivery date updated to a further date” does this mean, I have more time to submit the order? Or there’s a silver lining there?


When you create your gigs, you decide when the due date is. If it says 1 day, you set it like that, and you have to deliver in that amount of time.

I have no idea about the note. I’d trust the big numbers on your order page telling you how many hours you have left instead.

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I have never seen something like you describe.

Can you put a screenshot of what you are seeing in here? You need to blot out the buyer’s name and such.

I agree though with Melanie, go with the time that is on the TOP of the order page which tells you how many days, hours and minutes you have left to deliver.

Do you have a requirements section that a buyer has to fill out? If so, that can delay an order getting started until they fill those out.


Here’s what I think the OP is talking about:

I believe Fiverr added this a few weeks ago, but nothing really changed. I’m not sure why they added it, but I agree with @melanielm, just stick to checking the time at the top of the order page.

Also, the screenshot was from a custom offer and there were no requirements filled out.

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Yes exactly! this is how it shows on my order. There’s an expected delivery date set by me and the one saying “delivery date was updated”. Does anyone from Fiverr team respond to this? And how can we reach out to them?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it because it hasn’t affected my orders.

If you would like, you can contact Fiverr CS by leaving a support request on the website or at

I also noticed this ‘Your Delivery Date Was Updated To X/X/21’ message a few weeks ago. It’s just the delivery date - that’s all it is. But I must admit it does look very confusing. I assume the feature has been added for orders where the seller asks for a time extension. But it’s another of those really annoying quirks that occasionally creep into Fiverr. It’s not progress - its just really bad wording and / or coding!

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It’s super confusing. Today, it told me an order that I had just delivered and the customer had accepted and reviewed right away was updated to April 2 or something …
There was no time extension, no nothing.

Did it affect you receiving the payment? Or anything else? @miiila

I actually had this on a recent order. It looks like that the delivery date was initially set to the number of days I offered from the date I sent the custom order to the client.

The client took about 12 hours to accept the offer, and as the date had ticked over to the next day before in between, the delivery date was moved out the additional day that had passed between my sending the customer order and the client accepting it.

I haven’t noticed it affecting anything, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t.