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New seller! Need help!

Hi! I’m a new seller.
I’m a programmer and I have created a gig regarding excel data analysis (I’m planning to create more about more complex programming if I see that this one does well).

So far I haven’t received any visits… I would like some advice on how to reach more buyers.



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First please make sure that you have completed your Gig SEO properly.

I will suggest you to create the complex programming Gigs also. Because no one can say that which Gig will rank batter.

Gig Images
Gig image is the most important. Because a buyer will first focus on your images and click on the image mostly. So make sure your Gig image is attractive.

More Gigs mean More change of orders (Note: I have currently only 1 Gig because I deleted my other Gigs. Because I will create Gigs on other categories now to get more sells)

My Advice:
View other sellers Gigs at your category. And take idea properly. How they created the Gig images, title, description, Price, Tags

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welcome to the fiverr community best of luck

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Keep patient day by day you will get all. Just make sure all basic needs are ok

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Marketing your gig on social media and send buyer request then you get order.

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