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New seller need suggestions


How to get more order in fiverr. Because i am new seller on fiverr. Experts give me suggestion please.

thank you

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You can obtain more orders by pursuing good marketing and promotion. What are you doing to market and promote your gig? Are you working hard to reach out to your target customers? Or are you expecting them to find you on their own?


Gig marketing
Always online
Apply buyer request

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Thank you for feedback…
I am 20+ hours online in fiverr every day.

So you sleep less than 4 hours a day? That’s truly impressive.


I sleep 5-6 Horus daily but my fiverr account active 20+ hours

If you sleep 6 hours a day,

  1. You are not online 20+ hours a day. Having the computer on and logged in to Fiverr doesn’t mean that you are online. If you are sleeping, you are not available.

  2. You need to sleep more, that’s not good for you.

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Your account is active 24 hours a day, whether you are online or not. Being online every waking hour of the day does NOT make anyone a better seller, nor does it guarantee a seller more sales.


Yes I know . I am always try to response my buyer as soon as I can

Yes it’s bad for me …:pensive:

You always say this but why dont you just tell what you mean clearly. What type of marketing and promotion are you talking about? Facebook ads? Or what?


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Marketing and promotion is different for every seller. There is no one single answer. If you’ve been seeing me post about this elsewhere on the forums, you’ll also note that I tell people to: figure out who their target customers are. Then, they need to figure out where those customers are located – where they can be found online and off. Once these two things are known, each seller will know where to market, and what kind of creative marketing they might choose in order to reach their target customers.

Asking me to tell you exactly how to do something is not going to help you. You need to figure out these things on your own, and creativity determine how to pursue them in relation to the services that you offer.

A printing company that makes books would not advertise and promote at a hamburger restaurant, because that is not where their customers are located. Similarly, a hamburger restaurant would not promote their food at a car dealership – car buyers as not likely to be their target customers. YOU need to know who YOUR customers are, and then you need to find creative ways to reach out to those customers.

If you’re not willing to do this hard work to market and promote your business, then you’re not likely to find the kind of success you desire. Be proactive. Don’t sit back and ask other people to determine, do, or promote your work for you.


I am create local business listing SEO

Thanks for a detailed reply it makes sense.

On a side not I never asked you to,

I asked what do you mean by Promotion and Marketing…

Just pointing it out, Actually I have been marketing my apps, and stuff including my video courses and stuf, what you say is 100% correct but sorry I don’t agree with that here on Fiverr.

If I was running a printing company or automotive one, I’d be doing that sort of marketing no doubt, the marketing you are talking about can only work on fiverr in one case, if you have a Business, you have a company that makes websites or a graphic design company, and you are dealing here on fiverr, thats the only one case you can promote yourself.

If you are a new Freelancer, who makes logos or does graphic design as a hobby or part time, you cant go and promote yourself this way actually, this advice is useless for freelancers but usefull for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately fiverr is a freelancing focused platform, most sellers here are individuals doing it part time. I don’t think of anyway they could market there services… Unless you make a website, socials, spend 1000’s on ads and think you are some company, but then its full time…

It would appear that you have no idea how marketing, Fiverr, or freelancing works.

Anyone and everyone has the ability to market their gigs – in a wide variety of ways. Claiming that only certain people can pursue marketing because it’s too hard for most people to do is poppycock… If you want to reach new customers and bring in additional traffic, you get out there and promote your gigs.

Excuses never made anyone successful.

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No sir, I dont! Mighty you only know how to marketing works!

Never said its

I have my own views on this, I dont think someone who does…

… cant “properly” market them… Just an opinion. To each their own.

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Indeed you do.

I’ve read many of your comments on these forums. Your opinions do not always appear to be reflective of reality. It does not appear that you know as much about Fiverr as you think you do. Perhaps it might be helpful for you read (or re-read) the many materials Fiverr has made available about their rules, and how their site works.

And when a veteran seller (such as myself) takes the time to try and help you (a brand new seller who just joined Fiverr this month), it might be wise not to tell him that he is wrong.

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Of course I am new and thats one reason I asked you,

I never said you are wrong,

Have a good day

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And I answered you with a helpful post. To which you replied, stating that you disagreed with me, and that only certain types of people should promote their gigs, because it’s too hard and doesn’t work for everyone else. That sounded like you saying I was wrong, to me. :wink:

Yes, you have your opinions. I hope they serve you well here on Fiverr.

Good luck and have a great Tuesday.


Thank you Jonbaas, for both the post and well wishing!

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