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New seller need tips


Hey am a new seller on Fiverr who do dj drops and other music related gigs. I was wondering what can I do to make my gigs rank higher in search results



Here are few steps that can push you near to your first sale as quick as the flash.

  1. You can send 10 offers to the buyers through buyer request section in 24 hours. Read carefully the buyers’ requirements then send the offers to buyers. I would like to recommend you that always give special discount to buyers as you are a new seller. Try to ensure their trust through your valuable words. It is too hard to trust new sellers for buyers. If you still not getting orders no worry in such a way you will get views and clicks.

  2. Share your GIG’s on the social media groups that have a huge amount of members like FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, etc. It will help you a lot in increasing your GIG’s impressions, clicks and views, resultantly your GIG will visible among thousands of users and also boost in ranking too.

  3. The most important thing is that have a deep look at your GIG’s Title, Description, Tags, Prices, and Its image or video.

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One advice, keep visiting this place…


@rahdil thanks for those tips. I’ve already made my first sale and did all the other things you mentioned, but my gig is mostly on the second page of search results in my niche. I want to know what it takes to rank on the first page of the search results


@zubairfb what do you mean



Please have a deep look at your GIG’s Title, Description, Tags, Prices, and Its image or video.

a) The Title

The title must be unique and has unique and most usable keywords.

b) The Description

The description must be unique and contain the keywords that are in the GIG title as much as possible. I would like to recommend you to use keywords in the starting, middle, and in the ending. The description must contain the sentences that inspire the buyers and ensure their trust.

c) The Tags

Tags are also most important for visibility of your GIGs in the search results. Do a fair research and look the tags that repeat a lot. Imagine you are a buyer and would like to purchase a logo design then you will definitely type logo design in the search bar. Most of the buyers use filters.


This might seem like an odd thing to say, but I pay attention to what people seem to be interested in keyword wise on fiverr and I sell more of that services as well. e.g. Surely video creation and photoshop editing is more popular than teaching someone how to do yoga underwater. so I offer the more popular services and keywords associated with them first.

And then over the course of time, this has helped me get more pop-ups in searches and more attention. Watch your metrics over time!


ok @radiojay thanks for those tips. bless up