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New Seller needing a critique

Hello everyone, I’m CaptainSaveABro and I’ve been on Fiverr for almost 4 months now (I’ve started selling 1 month ago). So far, I haven’t gotten any sales and so I would really appreciate it if any high level sellers here may critique my profile and gigs.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to promote my gigs since I’m not connected to many people on social media. I’m in the process of starting a YouTube channel for that, but I doubt anyone would buy from someone who has no sales under his belt.

All critiques are welcomed, especially from high level sellers who have had similar difficult starts.

I’m just going to toss in a comment that perhaps will at least help you stick to it! I really like the video you did on your translation gig. It is such a definite example of what you offer, and shows that you are a real person doing real translation. I don’t speak Arabic, so I cannot critique it that far, but I can say that the English captions are nice. If I needed translation and was looking at new sellers, your gig is impressive. Good luck!

Thank you so much ! I really appreciate your comment.

I really appreciate your comment. Captainsaveabro thanks.

Your translation gig is a bit unique and you are at an advantage as not a lot of people offer gig translation from Arabic to English. :slight_smile: Just keep utilizing buyer requests and refining your gigs! I’m sure you will get a sale soon!!!

Thank you, I really appreciate your comment !

I’m not sure how I helped you , but you’re welcome.

What I strongly encourage you to do is send out offers. There is a buyer requests section that you should check daily and message potential buyers.

Do this every day, 10 offers/day, 300/month, I guarantee you will get sales, it’s a numbers game!

Don’t lose hope, learn new skills and remember: once you will get the first sale and review, things will start to pick up.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your response. Generally the problem I find with the buyer request section is that it’s mostly flooded with seller spam, and the gigs that I sell have a lot of competition already, so it would be really hard to find a buyer who is willing to head to the buyer request section before checking the available sellers in the appropriate categories.

Speaking of seller spam, are people actually allowed to post selling ‘‘ads’’ in the buyer’s request section, or am I incorrectly assuming this to be spam? If it is spam, aren’t there any penalties incurred from doing that?

No their not, it’s against the TOS.

It does not help them at all as the request is only seen by other sellers that offer the same thing.

I agree it’s not easy but let’s do this: send out 10 offers/ day for the next 30 days and I guarantee you will make at least 5 orders.

It is not supposed to be easy, your earning money here not flowers :slight_smile:

Keep knocking at the door. There is a market for your services and they will find you if you keep pushing, keep promoting.

It is spam and it’s unfortunate. Fiverr staff have stated that they are working on solutions but I guess it’s delayed. In the meantime, while I agree that the spam gets in the way, I still think you should go for it. I get most of my new sales through Buyer Requests just by being tenacious.

My delivery time is long right now and I have some life-issues that prevent me from being fast, so I use Buyer Requests when I haven’t had an order in a while. That way I keep showing at least a recent delivery here and there until I can speed my times up again. It does work in spite of the spam if you keep trying and send offers of good value. I’ve also gotten ideas for new gigs by reading the requests in categories that I’m already in.

Thank you for the comment.

Thank you for the comment, but I have one more inquiry.I find that the search in the buyer’s request is disabled. I would like to know when will Fiverr fix the problem.

Thank you for your comment, and I would like to ask another question. Is there a time window during the day where you found that you got faster replies from offers you sent through the buyer request section?

I have read in a much older post on Fiverr that there are much more sellers online between 8PM and 5AM GMT. If you did notice a time window where you got faster replies I would be delighted to know about it.