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New Seller needs to charge more than 5 dollars

I just signed up to fiverr. I will be developing java and android applications. These require time and effort and they are worth more than $5.

As a new user who just signed up yesterday, how do I charge more than 5 dollars?

I am reading through the posts, It seems like I can’t charge more than 5 because I am new. You charge more through your buyer adding gig extras and only a TRS can add gig extras. Is this correct?

You can add gig extras at level 1, check the levels page

Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5

You must offer a basic product or service for $5. You can also offer additional gigs which enhance or offer more than the basic gig, which you r buyer purchases by buying additional gigs until you Level up, when you can offer those things through “gig extras”. No matter what, you have to have SOMETHING for $5.

Hello @abujafar

You can put in your gig description that you charge 1 Gig for 1 hr of work , you will charge addition gigs depending on time require to complete the project

You should ask the buyer to contact you before placing the order , so as to discuss the project/ work cost

Have a nice Day

the charm of fiverr is the 5 usd business

You explain to the customer that the work you have a higher value. And ask the customers to discuss before ordering. Then you can ask customers to order multiple gig corresponds to the work that you do

You should make 10 orders whatever they are, no matter how much you will work. You need to boost your orders. If you will say to people that you are charging more then 5$ you will never get an order then. You are new, you need to complete 10 orders and then you can charge more.

This is just my advice, nothing more.

Hello there !

Just wanted to add something.

1:First of all put up a nice profile picture, it really puts a good impression on your buyers.

2:Also I see that your gig descriptions are quite short.

3:Try putting some more details about the work you’ll be doing.

Style it with the tools available when editing your gig description.

4:Choose good keywords for your gig.

5:Never feel disappointed in the beginning if you don’t receive any orders.

Good luck to you.

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Hi, this is reminds me of my first start. I also charge for more than 5 on my first selling. The key is how to convince your buyer with progresses and ready to take risks (in my case, this was some revision). And it works. Of course it will if you put lots of effort in your work.

Happy selling.

I will be your professional graphic have more benefits when work with me.

alpha_graphics2 :slight_smile:

Building android apps cannot be estimated like this. It is like saying i will develop a website for a fiverr…

Maybe you can modify or sort out a problem of an existing app.

Design a mock up or make an analysis for an app.

Or provide a demo app for a fiverr just so people can see the level of your expertise.

Then if they like you they can order multiple gigs in order to build the whole app and when you reach higher levels in fiverr you can provide a one-off payment for the whole development.

dont be dodgy like some others, offer something simple for $5 and then when you get enough orders …you will automatically qualify to add optional extra add on with higher price

Perhaps you can offer trial or limited versions of your apps for $5 then charge your full price if the buyer is interested in continuing the use of the apps or wants the full features.

You need to advertise your service to related Social media sites and other bookmarking sites.

Be fair, charge to correct price ($10, $15, whatever it is) and explain everything to the clients as detailed as possible.

If you can’t do something for $5 in 15 minutes or less, why are you doing it? If that’s your situation, maybe you can do 5 ideas for apps for $5, or you can do an app advice gig, app consulting, etc. Then your gig extras can be for $10, $20, $50, etc.

Remember abujafar, it’s about speed and volume for most sellers. If your base price needs to be $20 or $50 an hour, you’ll have to talk to customer service, I know a few people like that, but most of us start at $5.

Try doing something basic for $5 till you complete 10 orders. It might help you develop some basic skills you never knew you had. Alot of them have been highlighted in other comments.

As other sellers have mentioned, reaching out to clients by asking them to message you before placing an order, is a great way to discover the scope of their project. You can them give them a custom quote for a larger amount of money.

That said, Fiverr® thrives on the micro-transaction concept; and breaking up a larger project through smaller Gigs™ will help your metrics, ratings, and rapport with your clients.

As far as your listed Gigs™ are concerned, keeping the base cost at $5 is fairly reasonable if you account for expectations. Take stock in what your time is worth. If your “day job” pays you $20 an hour, $5 of that time would equate to 15 minutes. Design your Gig™ to be a very specific and streamlined service where you can control your workflow for optimal efficiency. Then, figure out how much work you can do in 15 minutes… THAT should be what your basic $5 Gig™ offers. Then of course, you can pad that listing with Extras for additional content.

If you keep this “$5 for x amount of time” concept in mind, you can track your future services on Fiverr® in an intelligent way, and ensure you’re always being adequately paid for your time.

Not being a programmer and only having a rudimentary understanding of the trade, would you be able to have your basic $5 service be a “revision” or “optimization” of existing code provided by a client? It should take less time than writing new code from scratch, and still provide a worthy service to your clients.

Experienced people should not be penalized into a $5.00 anything for selling and providing a service on this site. I will talk to someone via phone for free, but I am no going to build a website for an upsell of only $25.00. THat seems to be the price of the extras in some of the most in demand categories.