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New Seller, nervous about payment

Hi Fiverr people,
I am about to finish my first gig and I am a bit nervous that the seller will flake out and not pay.
I am creating a Word document…is there a way to protect it until I receive the payment? If not, what do I do if I send the file and he does not pay?
The seller does have good reviews, but I am new and I don’t know if these are always legitimate.

Help please,

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Has the buyer actually placed an order? If not, then no, don’t deliver a thing.

Yes, the seller did. It is not due until tomorrow, but I am finishing it up now because I wanted to offer time for revisions.

I also didn’t know if I should send a pdf copy of the original.

Was file format was agreed upon in the order?

I did not specify - I thought I did. But, the final product will be sent as a Word document in case the buyer wishes to change anything. Not sure why I’m super concerned about not getting paid…I guess its just because this is my first gig here.

UPDATE…I did complete the order and the seller DID complete the payment! Yay!!! I even got a 5 star rating!

Now, if I can just wrap my mind around these seller fees. I totally did not look into that well enough.

Just to make you’re aware in case you didn’t see, but the whole 23 page document you delivered is viewable on your portfolio.

I’m not sure you or the customer would want that happening - In the future, might be best to deliver a cover page (or if you want the content to show, a sample page) and select that as the Portfolio option on the delivery and then attach the whole thing as a second attachment.

Customers can choose not to show the work on your portfolio but a lot of them don’t realise it will appear by default (they aren’t always aware they need to uncheck the work to prevent it from showing on your portfolio) - I’ve had quite a few customers get caught out by this, when they didn’t want the work visible publically.

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Suggest you read the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

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Oh wow! How do I remove this? I had no idea

M. Nelson Consulting, LLC

Can you please send me the link to where this is showing, I cannot find it!
Usually I have no issues with platforms. This one seems so unfriendly to me!

Thank you! I will check this out.

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If you click the images below your gig image and above the gig description, the document is showing there.

Suggest you contact Customer Support to help you with this.

I have no idea how this happened. I simply uploaded the file to deliver the order. How does something like this happen??? I am very upset and there are a million options for support. No straightforward email addresses.

Please help if you can anyone. If I can simply remove it, please just let me know.

Here is the link:

This may be helpful to you:

Thank you. I think I was able to locate the problem.

My apologies. I’ve been here for about a year, but I just recently decided to step into the water. I realize that I need to read up more on the process of all of this.

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