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[New seller] No engagement with my gig

Hello there,

First of all thank you for reading my thread to see if you can offer some help!

I have created a gig on Fiverr and I haven’t seen any impressions on. I don’t know what I am missing on my gig to create traffic. Does a Fiverr gig require external marketing?

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If there are no impressions at all you can check if the gig is in the search index by using the option in the help centre where, after it says “what can we help you with?” you say “gig” then “my gig doesn’t appear in search” then after selecting the gig it will tell you if it’s in the index.

If it’s in the index but not being clicked much, 1) I’d change the gig title so it doesn’t say “I will bring your imagination to live…”. Also the price of $350 might be a bit high when you have no current reviews on it. Maybe see if a cheaper option helps or try packages with different prices for different amounts of work.

Your gig description doesn’t really say what you will be designing, not does the gig title.

External marketing could help but it’s not a requirement. I assume many gigs get sales without it.

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Alright, thank you for your message! I have taken a moment to adjust my gig. What do you think?

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Is there anyone who would like to chip in? There is still no interaction with my Gig