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New seller. No order yet

I am a new seller, I’ve been replying buyer requests but I’ve never got any sales. What do I need to do? How best can one reply a buyer request. Pls help?


follow some tips

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Welcome to fiverr community, I am a new seller too! I have been here past 3months. But no orders yet! Pray for me too!

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Be patience! Wait for the best !

I got an order from ‘Buyer Request’ section for my 102th Buyer Request. So be patient and work hard. Definitely, you will get it.

You are really patient

@elsiedwriter It may take you over 100 requests to get just one order. :smiley:

:woman_facepalming:t4::rofl::sweat_smile::weary::tired_face::joy: I pray to get one asap

Hey Elsie!

Fellow writer here. You’ll need to define yourself a little better if you want to excel here - consider that virtually no client will be searching “excellent writing” - they’ll be searching things like “blog writing” or “article writing” - something with a specific application and purpose. Additionally, and this is a mistake I see often, there are no examples of your work in your gig! You should take a screenshot of something you’re proud of in your recent work - avoid political / potentially polarizing stuff, of course - and use that as one of your pictures, preferably the main one.

None of this is a guarantee for work, of course, and you may be weeks or even months away from your first job. Just gotta stick with it and keep asking yourself if there’s any way you can improve the way you’re selling your skills.

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It’s really disappointed, I also face the same problem. Best Of luck for next.

Welcome to fiverr community

Thanks so much. I will look into these and get back to you to check my profile out

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