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New Seller- Offering great advice & more!

Hey! I have 2 step kids I am providing for as well as my lovely wife. I offer advice as well as custom requests. It’s all about the girls for me, I am willing to put myself out there. Just yesterday someone requested that I walk around in “Egg shoes” as in fill my shoes with eggs and walk around with them. Unfortunately his timeline was hours of walking on eggshells for low compensation and he added in eggs in my jeans which I was not a fan of. However I discussed it and would have done it if he could come up on the price or down on the time. I love working with people and helping people!

I have a lot of life wisdom especially with philosophy, relationships, mental health.
I am not a professional, but I am genuine and have my integrity strongly intact.
Please hit me up with any requests or hit up a gig! I am looking to get to know you all!