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New seller offering translation services



I am new to fiverr and quite eager to work as my university graduation is getting closer and I need to start earning my own income. I have studied translation for 4 years and now I am offering my translation services on fiverr. I will translate any text from English to Latvian or vice versa, and I will also translate from Russian to Latvian or English.
Unfortunately, I have not gotten any orders yet, not sure if it’s because Latvian is such a niche market or because I have not advertised my gig enough. Maybe somebody more experienced can suggest a good way of promoting gigs?


That could be a part of it, yes.

A few suggestions to improve your gigs:

  1. Get better gig pictures (with the ones you’re using, the text is cut off; check out your profile page, and you’ll see what I mean). These pictures all look the same, and aren’t very attractive.

  2. Writing the description in both languages, or adding a sentence or a greeting in Latvian/Russian might be a good idea.

  3. Maybe add a PDF with examples of your work?

  4. I’m not sure that deleting the original text once the work is done is necessary, or a good selling point.


Thank you for your suggestions! Now when I look at my pictures, I notice that they do really look quite flat.