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New seller On fiverr advise me

Hello Everyone
I’m New seller on fiverr I’m graphic designer I don’t have so much experience on fiverr.
Can you please advise me in order to get fist order and also I activated 7 Gigs Check my profil
Thank you so much.


@barwaneproducts Congratulation Dude! Wish you good luck.

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Thank you so much my friend

Try to stay online as long as you can. Don’t use copy pasted design. Try to create unique design. And always try to make the client happy. I think this will help you

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Thank you so much I am always Online I have 25days ago on fiverr but no order I changed the title and the design

Thank you so much I am always online but no order everyday. I send to buyer requests

Update your gig with tags.and neat description and gallery of your abilities and work…sure you will get.same happened for me.after 35 days

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Happy birthday on Fiverr :slight_smile:

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Welcome buddy. Asking more and more question on this forum make your basic brilliant. Congratulation in advance. You will be rising star on fiverr.

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I am also new on Fivver. But I trust the process, I believe we will one day experience the best out of Fivver

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Welcome brother…

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Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience

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Congratulations, hope you do good here. Check my post, may help you :relaxed: Boost and tips for new sellers

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Hello @barwaneproducts

Welcome to the Fiverr forum community.

It is against TOS of Fiverr to use images from the internet in gigs, and yours are taken from the internet, so you need to replace all gigs images with original work.

Please kindly :pray: do not state logos, and images are yours since I found them all over the internet; it is all stock footage and logos from a logo maker.

Kind regards.

@tamarapereir397 @ulrich_germania this is what I was talking about


like… this should be so obvious :pensive: it’s like if I had examples of other people singing in my gig! doesn’t make sense :roll_eyes:

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If you go on YouTube and search “easy money no skills,” you get Fiverr logo designing, 3D mockup, photoshop images, and bg removal “tutorial” by using online mockup makers and logo makers.

That is how, unfortunately, some come on Fiverr. And the worst part is that some of them are now even Level 1 2 and TRS sellers. When they reach higher levels, they outsource and hire new real designers on the platform to do the work cheap. They accept this to gain momentum in sales—magic circle.


That is actually sad!
I will take some time to check some of them in the future

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Try to create your gigs images more attractive and eye catching and wait. I wish you will get order soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for being active on forum and giving genuine advice to every one who are short on how fiverr work. A Big thank you for your active participation and helping new guys like me on fiverr.