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New seller on Fiverr and can't find a way in this market because of many other seller's


I started selling my gigs almost a month ago and so far i have recieved just 1 order which wa comleted in 24 hours i have also got paid for that order it is in clearance stage but since i have’nt got any order.

Please guide me ways or you can contact me if you like my gigs

Thank you


The article writing niche is crazy right now. Everybody thinks they’re a writer because they can string a few words together. I found it really hard to get set up, that’s for sure.

Read the thread posted above, also take into account the points below.

  • One of your gigs says you sell articles for $3. Five is as low as it goes on here.
  • Correct the minute grammar errors in your writing. For example, no spaces after ‘I’ in your bio, and add ‘write a’ in your ‘I will unique article’ Gig.
  • Sell yourself in your description. You’re a writer, add a little pizzaz!
  • Your pictures are very cliche, and look exactly like the hundreds of other newbie Gigs that get started on Fiverr daily. Experiment with them. I think I tried 10 before I found one people clicked on.
  • If you speak well, consider a video. It will help you stand out.
  • You’re new, so it isn’t too big a deal right now, but do anything to get rid of that New Arrival tag your unrated Gigs have. Those words are like buyer repellent. If you have to make a special offer of FOUR articles, consider it to get your first buyer soon.