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New seller on Fiverr Design Niche

I am New User on Fiverr, I believe things could work out cool here.

I am graphic Designer and Wordpress website designer, i can design any types of wordpress websites incase you have job for me or what to outsource to me.

Am also a qualified and graduated with Multimedia Art Guru, i can design any types of Logo,Banner,Header and lots.

Am always available to get a job as for first order on Fiverr.

Thanks you all.



Best of Luck !
What really worked for me when I was new. I kept sending Buyer requests every day. I just read everything buyer request to see if its for me. I offered cheap service. Fortunately got almost every proposal accepted. And worked for them bu heart and soul. They gave me tips even after a 5 star review. Believe me I didn’t know if a buyer can find You and order You without a buyer request. But when I completed a few projects by grabing fron buyer requests , express orders kept coming along my way. It was awesome feeling since than It never stopped. Thank GOD. :slight_smile:




Hey Susan,

Congress for your experience & work :slight_smile:.

I’m also expert in WP &Graphic designing. But I’d to show here only one skill like WP. Because buyers get confuse & for this reasosn, your order percentage may be hampered.

I hope, you understand.



Thanks you for your words but i don’t see any message on my “Buyer Request” I feel sad because i don’t know what really happened.

Am sad:disappointed_relieved:

Yes sir,i really understand…But i think i have to show all the Talent i have on our account because Fiverr don’t want 2 accounts b single user.

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Thanks you for welcoming me:smiley:

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i think it’s very important for us.
thank you sir:purple_heart:

Hello Susan,

Welcome on Fiverr, I think that is the right decision. You will see, Fiverr is one of the best for freelancers.
I m here the second time, and I again work hard and try to grow my profile.

first of all, you describe yourself very nice, that is ok. Second, maybe it will be good to give some information to the client on the thumbnail image. For example, on banner design, you only have that words. Give them the price, hours for delivery, some professional semple or past work.

I see that you don’t have any GIG lower than 20$. Why you need to start to go with big price. I start every GIG with 5$ and later when I collect stars and reviews, I make bigger packages. I remember, before 2 years, I worked here and installed WordPress site with 5 pages for 10$. That is to low, but I needed to catch clients.
I believe that you are a good designer, but you need to confirm it on works here.

One more thing, try to put video description for GIG thumbnail. People don’t have to much time these days, they really like to watch 1-minute video and check all your skills. If you don’t have experiences with video, try to find freelancer here, give them your 10 works and they will make a nice presentation, usually with voiceover. You can paay it 5$-10$, but you will have more success in job research.

And the biggest thing - send all 10 requests per day, but try to find job requests which are ideal for your skills.

Wish you many luck here and just keep on working!

Many regards,


Thanks for your words,i really appreciate all, am just to be sincere with my price qoute but with all you said, i need to reduce the price to lower.

Also am unable to see Buyers Request on my account, i don’t really know what happen at anywhere.


Just take care about your GIGs. Try to find better tags, eye catch Title or Thumbnail image. In one sentence, take time and play with your GIGs, and you will see news soon.
About buyer requests, check this link and what he said.

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