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New Seller On Fiverr & Fiverr Forum -- Need Guidance Please!

Hello Fiverr Community!

As a new seller, I’m having difficulty getting exposure of my gigs. I’ve created some so far to reach a variety of people (two listed below). Would love some advice on what I can do to boost impressions and clicks!

Custom Colouring Book Gig: (
Creative Writing Gig - Poem & Short Stories with Illustrations:(

Please share any of your experiences on promoting your gigs, open to hear your thoughts. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Fiverr community :sunglasses:
Here are some tips to boost gig impressions and clicks:
1.Be active on Fiverr
2.Promote Gigs on Social Media
Good Luck

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Hey @rashma24 ,

When you say to be active on Fiverr, what do you mean?

–you need to be online as much as you can
–be active in fiverr community
–promote your gigs in you social media platforms

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Being active means you and your Gig are available for buyers.

Gig must not be paused and you must not be on “Out Of Office” mode, during 60-day time period.

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Thank you @rashma24 for explaining what you mean by being active. That makes sense.

Do you mean being online and chatting in communities like this one?

yes. stay active on fiverr forum. Everyone discusses their problems as well as you will find helpful information also


Being “online” and “chatting it up” in the forum is NOT going to get you orders. While you will hopefully LEARN something by reading the forum - it is not where you will gain buyers. This is a totally false claim.



Thank you. I can see how I can gain helpful information in the forum.

I appreciate your response. I can definitely see how I can learn from others by reading the forum.

1 Firstly active on 12 hours fiverr forum
2 Second per day 10 buyer request send
3 Tard promote your gig on social media and
4 web2.0 post, forum posting