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New seller on fiverr for help

Firstly I send a Buyer request and the result is bellow…
your Gig request “I am Ratnashar sarker. I am a…” did not pass our review.

Thane I send an another buyer request and the result is as
your Gig request “Hey! I am ratneshwor. I have 3 years…” did not pass our review.

Fiverr Inform me that, ‘Using this feature to promote my services is not allowed, and can result in my account being restricted.”
I have editing and correction my name ‘Ratneshwor” in my profile and all gigs. But, is my profile account is restricted in this situation?

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buyer request is for buyers !!! to post what work they need and seller come with an offer
you did the exact opossite you tried to advertise your service on buyer request wich is against fiverr TOS

I suggest read that


okay read that Thank you