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New Seller on Fiverr, lots of questions

Hello there! Had my account for a few months now, and I just received my 1st order (so exciting but scary at the same time!) I really want to move forward and do things right – here’s the thing: buyer filled out my requirements and I have all the details. I worked on 3 logo design options (as I included on my gig), and worked on a proposal. I’m honestly not sure if by sending the proposal, it means that it was delivered so I have to hit the “Deliver Now” button? Or should I only hit the button once the option is chosen and I send the other elements? What happens once my gig duration is over and buyer hasn’t responded to my proposal? So confusing, hopefully I can find answers? :pensive: Thanks so much!


you can send the proposal by sending the image file in the order page, don’t deliver the proposal using the deliver button.If you deliver the proposal, this is consider incomplete delivery and will get a warning letter.


Thanks so much for your reply! What about the countdown? I have 2 days left but it’s already made and the person still hasn’t responded. Once the countdown is over, does that mean I get a negative score from fiverr and the order closes?

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What I will suggest is that, if the buyer still didnt reply, you just deliver the proposal with the final logo ( you choose the best one).
Most likely, the buyer will click on the revision and you can continue from there