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New Seller on Fiverr = New Expreriences are Waiting

This is really my first try to join a freelance experience. Wish me luck, everyone. Hope we can get a ton of orders (my first order, specially) and bunch of good things here. Greeting from Indonesia.

p.s. Feel free to advise me some tips to begin.


Welcome. I’m a new user too.

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welcome to fiverr…///

Welcome. I’m a new user, too although I registered since January, 2020. I used to promote my Gig through social media platform such as Facebook, and Twitter.

Based on my experience, getting the first order required lot of efforts and patience, but it will worth it in the end.

Stay Safe

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Welcome to fiverr and best for luck. Stay active and try to send buyer request daily. Hope you will get tons of order as you want. Best of luck

Good luck for both of us. :heart_eyes:

Thank you… :heart:

Can’t agree more. Thank you for the advise. Wish you the best of luck.

Very kind of you. Hope the same things happen to you. Gd Luck. :heart:

Welcome to fiverr forum.
wish you a very smooth journey here.

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