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New Seller On Fiverr, Nice To Meet You Guys

Hello Guys,

I am new to fiverr, was working a full time job as an accounting, however due to Covid-19 they have make the company I work for temporarily closed.

I am looking to get a bit of freelance work twitter service and another i can. So if you know anyone or have any tips to boost my gig I would really appreciate it.

Anyways thanks for welcome me❤️


Hi @workfinish,
Welcome in the forum. I pray for the people who have affected by Covid-19. I hope your company will open within short time
To promote your gig, share it in social media, use appropriate tag, follow fiverr guideline etc.


thanks for the tips you gave to me👍 keep working


Hi, @workfinish,
you can follow fiverr guideline to boost your gig.

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