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New Seller on Fiverr - Olumide Ogundairo

Hey Fam
Finally, I’m here on Fiverr after a long period of hearing about this big marketplace.
I have always thought it would be difficult for me to get a new client since there are thousands of Sellers already.
Yesterday I decided to take the bold step to complete and publish my first gig.
I am a Logo Designer and have designed and satisfied over 50 clients offline. The stories I’ve always heard was that as soon as I publish my first gig, I’ll get orders. However, this has not been so since yesterday.
I really am a passionate designer and want to contribute enormously to the Fiverr community. But, it’s seeming like I’m only dreaming right now. Can Anyone Kindly Come To My Aid?
Please go through my gig here: Lordmide to see if there’s something I did wrong and how I can improve it.
I’d also gladly like to work for any interested Top Rated Logo Designer with a lot of Orders in Queue so I can build my presence.
Somebody Please Help!!!

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maybe it will be helpful for you

Thank you Ghanwamalik324

I appreciate. It’s helpful

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