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New Seller on Fiverr :P welcome me :D

Hello, Fiverr lovers!

This is Hassanaasi. I’m a new seller and so excited being here. Er, I really felt a bit lonely on fiverr until I found the forum, honestly! Was reading the posts and friendly replies gave me the courage to introduce myself.

Do me a favor visiting my profile and gigs. I need your suggestion regarding my gigs.

Thanks in advance. Warm wishes from my side for your fiverr career!

How to have gigs? I really don’t understand how fiverr goes. It only leads me to buying but i don’t know how can i write something.seriously i love to write, not to buy.

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you have not gig on the fiverr?

I wanted to say that your profile looks good until I saw your picture in the gig!
Why did you provide your pics inside the gig? there are irrelevant and no even modified using Photoshop
I would suggest to keep it professional as possible and attach pictures and videos only related to the gig.

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Thanks Buddy <3 i will chnage them :slight_smile:

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