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New seller on Fiverr- Social Media Services


Hello there!

My name is Sam and I am a social media manager. It is my first time to work on a freelance platform like Fiverr and I would appreciate if you have a look at my services :smile:
Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to getting to know guys.


Welcome to Fiverr Community, Best of Luck for your future!


Thank you man! Appreciate it


What services specifically you are providing?
I am sure you must be known about it but try not to provide like comments reviews. Just letting you know to be careful :slight_smile:


Of courses not! you can check out my profile :slight_smile: I offer Instagram and Twitter management services, and social media competitor analysis reports for both FB and IG.


The best way to sell your service is to name a few successful accounts that you’re managing right now.
Let the accounts speak for you.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll keep that in mind .


Great, I will think about it.


Privacy? Would clients elsewhere want that info made public?

Also, would Fiverr allow that information on a gig listing?


Matter of agreement with the client.