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New Seller On Fiverr with prospective buyers not active

Hello guys, i am kakatrina, a professional content creator/editor.I am new here as a seller. There are some thing i would like to know.

Firstly,as a new seller,why am i restricted from getting many buyer requests ?
I have seen only one of which i submitted my quote but no other requests has been seen on the page.
Secondly,i had a buyer contact me for a job but his explanation on the job was not specific enough so i responded to him by asking him to clarify on which of my package he will like to subscribe to,and also i sent a custom offer in the event that he finds it difficult to choose.
Is there any wrong in doing that as i have not heard from this buyer since our last chat which is almost 24 hours ago.


HI!! Welcome to fiverr forum… Best wishes for you. :+1:

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Thank you very much athoi

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