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New Seller On Fiverr!


hello to all experienced and senior sellers!
i am newbie on fiverr as a graphic designer i made my fiverr account almost 20 days ago and i just got one order till now . after completed the first order with five stars i didn’t get more orders from any buyer. i really don’t have any experience how things work here…so it’s my request to all seniors sellers help me to understand things here.
Thank you


Go to “Fiverr Academy” you will find evry detail under that. Including video tutorial.

This can be found on the bottom of your page


Thank you so much solutions_00,


You are welcom. Good luck


:slight_smile: Good Luck you too


Also observe other gigs in your category. Arrange some attractive packages.


Thank you very much.


yes, i do observe other seller gigs and trying to make my gig more attractive on daily basis …


Also create a portfolio. So when customers contact you there will be samples.

Use social media to promote your gig


yes portfolio is great idea i will upload my samples today which i made.
and yes i promote my gig on social media’s regularly


tell me one thing please how can i increase traffic(gig impressions) on my gig…does it depend upon anything ?


Do some extrenal marketing.


like ? please suggest me some examples


Use fliker to create a portfolio and use facebook campaign to promote


i am making my account on flicker and i am quite sure it will work and i get buyer attention …
Thank you Thank you so much…


i really don’t know you but your help is alot to me
Thank you again :slight_smile: