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New Seller on Fverr

I Create account three month ago and I span time on fiverr everyday.
But Still I don’t get any order.


What service are you offering? How much time do you spend on youtube and fiverr forum to learn more about this platform? How many buyer requests have you sent so far? And if yes how many strategies have you applied so far?
I am not a successful seller myself rather a very failed one to say but you can ask me anything that you want here to the reply of this comment and i will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.


I offering logo design, model making & Lumion Rendering Total 5 gigs. i span time mostly 5 hour per day.
send a buyer request 5 or 6 per day.


Okay i viewed your gigs through google searching your name, and have seen your gigs.

I am going to be very blunt here because that’s what we need to hear sometimes so apologies if my wordings sound a bit harsh.

The number one concern you need to improve your gig images. They are just not captivating enough for clicks. If you are not getting any orders you can utilise this time to improve your skills. You need to learn basics of graphic design and layout and composition to improve your skills because being a graphic designer the flyer gig images and logo design gig images were just not convincing me to click them.

So my biggest advice is to use better mockups( i am not allowed to use links here if i could i would have shared the ones i use)

Listen to different experts on youtube on how to improve your gigs and see other successful sellers in your categories for inspiration on how a gig should be (but don’t copy them).

I haven’t gone through your description because i feel your gig images are a bigger issue to solve first. Hope it helps.


Maybe change the title of the “I will locking for background remove” gig.
Also there’s only one search tag for that gig which is “good” - maybe try adding other tags that will help someone find the gig. Though there’s a lot of competition for background removal image editing.

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I can realize your opinion.

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Thank for your observation

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Thanks for your Guide line. I am a new seller. Few days ago I create my account and I publish 7 jigs according to my skills. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. But I can’t sell my services.

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How can i become a seller on fiverr

welcome to fiverr forum
best of luck bro

Hi Sarah. Thanks for answering his query.
Its my fifth day on Fiverr and I so far got 400 impressions, 3 clicks and one order. Is it a good progress?