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NEW SELLER, PLEASE HELP! Buyer requesting Order Cancellation after i completed it

I’m new on Fiverr and was working on my order, a buyer had requested me to make his gig video. I sent him a sample before order so we can be on the same page and he ordered my gig. Now he is requesting a cancellation, after edits, and everything. His video is almost complete and now is requesting to cancel and cancel by saying that he does not need it. He submitted a dispute that he doesn’t like my work and I declined it! What should I do ??? Urgent!!

I have 5 stars and 100% order completion rate


From my (very limited and current experience) I suggest contacting customer support and provide screenshots to backup your claim? Any sort of cancellation you or the buyer request at this point would mean you not getting paid for your work, BUT if you request a cancellation then you won’t get any negative ratings or reviews…I think. I’m still researching the answers myself (I’m also a little new)