New seller questions


Hi…am femi a new seller …fortunately i got an order it was to be deliverd in 7days but the buyer specifically told me by 48 hrs i completed and deliverd it on tyme but i cant get my payment and he sent it as he sent me a screenshot of the transaction. Please tel me how i am going to get paid…i have checked in the order and it say order will be marked completed in 3days does it mean theyll pay me in 3days…please help …show me this selling thing works


herEs the screenshot


Everything you need to know is in the help section - always good to read it before you start.

Here’s what you’re after:

Don’t worry about the buyer’s transaction or their screenshot - Fiverr takes care of it all.

You’ll get your funds 14 days after your order is marked as complete.


Don’t worry! What happens is once the buyer leaves a review it completes the order. At that point it will say "you earned $__. If they don’t it will be automatically completed in 3 days and the same thing will pop up on the order. Either way you’ll receive payment and it will show up in your balance after the 14 day time period.


Ok…thats nyce…i can relax now


sir don’t worry fiverr always take money in advance from buyers before the order starts.