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New Seller Read terms and conditions of fiverr 1st


I have gone through a tuff time, and fiverr is such a awesome secure site, i didnt get what yo say to buyer about payment, so i talkded about payment directly, fiverr then warned me, i think i am lucky, but if you do this you may get your account banned , so always abide by fiverr rules :slight_smile: see what fiverr did to my home page, i am thankful to fiverr to give me 2nd chance


If You don’t repeat the same mistakes, Fiverr will give you the 2nd chance. But If You keep doing that, your account will be banned and You will feel so sorry about that. That was my experience with the badge. I was a level 2 seller and I sent some messages to some buyers regarding my work and I lost my level 2 badge. I was lucky because I always delivered high quality work and this thing was demonstrated by my buyers’ reviews. Take care of You!


thanks a lot


Yes you are right they give 2 chance to me also. I posted flicker portfolio link in my profile description and i got warning. Than i know it’s against TOS. When my 30 days completed and 24 reviews with 5 star rating 0% cancellation but system not making me level 1 seller. Than i contacted with fiverr support staff. They said system detect you break TOS. Than i do orders many orders, when i gets 73 reviews they gave me level 2 badge.


thanks a lot, they have taken my level 1


Take care…! :slight_smile:


you got lucky.




Thanks for sharing. It’s helpful for me.


Where can i creat my Gig to get orders…i really confused :confused: how can i take start???


@hredoyh: I believe you’re the one who wrote copied articles in Tips for buyer section. So yeah, you should read Fiverr TOS again. Currently they have only taken level 1 badge. Copied stuff can make you a permanent ban.
And yeah, you have still shared your contact info on one of your gig samples. You have shared your email on the very first sample of this gig.

(Admin Note: Gig link removed!!)


Also your email relates with the username who gave you the most 5 star reviews (22 approx). And that user is banned. Google shows that he was a seller of same category. And yeah, the logo you sold him are already available on google. You have just delivered logos from google to lit up your portfolio. This clearly makes sense that you have used fake reviews.


i thought he is an awesome customer of his :stuck_out_tongue:
nice detective skills :smiley:


Lol exactly :smiley: