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New seller SALES TIPS

I am a new seller at Fiverr, though not that new, it is about a month now. But after getting first 3-4 sales, there is a very sudden decline in the number of orders I get.
I tried my best to provide top notch quality service to buyers.
Let’s share our views and tips to increase SALES on this forum guys & girls.
Any help will be highly appreciated and of course if you need any proofreading services I am always there.
Pallav Mittal


the forum is full of useful tips, all you have to do is search and take some time to read. You can also listen to some of the podcasts here:

Since you did not post any tips, I think it’s a good idea to move your thread to “Improve My Gig”, there you will get help from other users and suggestions on how you can improve your gigs and profile and increase sales. Best of luck!

Yes, i will change the category to ‘improve my gig’. Thanks