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New Seller, Scam Messages?

Hey y’all, so I’ve always been a bit skeptical about this site. But work is pretty dry this winter so hey I thought I’d give it another try. I made one gig for some illustration work, and within one day received three messages asking for discord contact info or my phone number. Two out of three of these connections have asked me for my account information. Is this the norm around here? Should I be reporting this somewhere or should I just ignore?


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This is not the norm. You need to report anyone who tries to lure you into communicating off Fiverr, Doing so is against Fiverrs Terms of Service and these people only want to con you into working for free or into handing over personally sensitive information.


Figured that was the case, thanks

How do I report on mobile? I’ve tried several times, but see no report option. Is it a PC only option?

You should contact to Fiverr Customer Support if things seems serious.