New seller seeking help from experienced ones! Advice GREATLY appreciated!


Hello! Hope you are doing well! :slight_smile:

Before I start, I would like to thank you for your time viewing this thread. I have one simple question regarding my no luck in sales after many “experiments” with my gig.

Also, I have read MANY threads/posts pertaining to new seller tips, and getting started with sales. I’ve applied the tips and information to my gig.

Having said those, I am officially 48 hours in since I published my thread in “Graphics Design” for the removal of backgrounds using Photoshop.

Statistics after 3 hours:

5 clicks 5 views

Statistics after 24 hours:

13 impressions 6 clicks 6 views

… 1 hour ago:

21 impressions 7 clicks 11 views

I’ve also started the price from $5 for 10 images to $10 for 80 images (current prices as well)

And yes, I did send out buyers requests… so far, I’ve sent out 10

Anyways, now we move on to the question…

How should I move about to get my first sale?

I hate promoting my gig like this but I guess it’s the only way to receive hassle free constructed criticism

For all who read that, I deeply want to thank you for your time and willingness. :smile:

TLDR: New seller who has tried EVERYTHING but still cannot get first sale. Please help!


First of all, welcome to Fiverr.

So here is my honest opinion about your gig, I hope it helps a bit.

For someone who is an experienced graphic designer (I think you mention 10 years
in your description), I have to say, my initial reaction was

“…background removal? That’s it???”

I saw your sample images and I saw a woman, a lamp, and a woman.
They didn’t stand out, and I’m pretty sure there are HUNDREDS of other sellers
providing the same service. I’ve checked their gigs, and while some people have
very simple sample images, others took their time to create a nice presentation.

I think that would be the best step??
Also, you might want to create other gigs, too, background removal is
veeeery competitive. Same thing with logo designs.

Hope this helps!



And yes, background removal is my current gig as my initial thought process was to get started with my reputation first, then branch out, providing more difficult, expensive services.

My main worry are the views and clicks I’ve received. Are they accurate?

How could someone give up a service like that? Last time I checked, I was the cheapest background remover on Fiverr… :weary:

Thanks again for the tip though Zeus. Definitely helps