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New seller sells what I sell and bought a gig from me?

Someone who is brand new has four new gigs casting spells and has purchased a spell from me.

Is this person allowed to do this? He has zero orders on any of his gigs.

I thought it was against the TOS. ?

sounds like he is doing some recon to me. people do it to me all of the time they copy my gig almost 99% but what they cant copy is my top secret ninja moves. Lol

Is fiverr allows to do this?

Why would it be against the TOS? What part of the TOS makes you feel the other member has broken them? Sellers buy from other sellers all the time. Unless you can show that the new seller has copied your gig description or stolen your graphic representation then I don’t think there’s an issue. When you sell a gig, unless stated otherwise in the description, the buyer also receives all intellectual property rights, including copyrights for the work delivered and the seller waives any rights.

He doesn’t receive resell rights. I’m not selling something where it’s understood he will use it in his own business. He definitely does not receive copyrights to my spells.

He did not tell me he is a spellcaster but I saw his gigs.

He might be new to fiverr and think that when he has a copy of a gig and receives an order he can buy it from you and resell it and break even and so increases his popularity and later on sell crap to make profits. What he does not know is that he will loose $1. Just a guess :wink:

Yeah, this is definitely a recon op. Might be trying to model his spells on yours.

He is the first one to not reply afterwards. I have not heard from him at all. Thank you to everyone for responding.

I do see on terms of service that he gets the rights to anything I sell so I will go ahead and place a notice on my spells that I retain all rights to what I deliver.

Put a spell on him :smiley:

Seriously, I think it is almost common practice. When I go around Fiverr, I can see dozens of gigs that make me scratch my head and think “did they copy that from me”. And if I decided to make that accusation, good chance I would have a battle on my hands of who copied whom. And even if I won the battle, I probably would have a dozen more to fight.

Nah! They can copy and I would rather spend my time providing better service than they do instead of using my time to fight battles that will never end.

I told him as I tell everyone at the end that proper protections during spells is important, which does include what I send since that’s part of it. I knew the entire time he wasn’t for real so it wasn’t exactly easy to cast a spell for him!