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New Seller start up issues

Hi guys. I’m trying to set up a new seller account however I cannot proceed as I cannot reach the 65% completion rate for two reasons. I do not use any social media accounts (and do not ever wish to use them) therefor cannot link those. Furthermore an old Fiverr account was started with my Facebook account which is now deleted. My mobile phone number is connected to the old Fiverr account which prevents me from using my number with the new account.

I can no longer access the old account as my FB profile no longer exists so the account is kind of stuck in no man’s land where I can’t access it to delete/un-associate my phone number with it.

Any ways I can proceed with this or should I just give up on this platform?



Hello, Josh,

You can contact customer Service at

They should be able to help you. However, keep in mind that due to the pandemic the are taking up to 10 days to reply.


Contact support with your exact problem