New seller tips 2018


Hello guys ! hope you are doing well !
i m a new seller on fiverr and i m looking for a great experience with this platforme , so i wish if you can give me some tips and opinions about my gig and if its possible take a look at it
thank you so much :kissing_heart:


Just wish you good luck ) All done well from the first view


Paymore attention for that you create ART logotypes, your own style. Try it. Cause thereáre on e million services similar to each other. So completed great style is the one of tips for sucess. Good luck! Like it!


thank you so much you are goals <3


first thing be patient and try to make something unique and different from others.


thanks ! any toughts about my gig ?


There are plenty of tips that still apply in 2018


thank you thats soo sweet from you