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New Seller to Fiverr Freelancer Platform

Hello All,
Just now I joined as a new seller in Fiverr. Trying to catch up on all happenings in Fiverr and getting to know this platform better.

Thanks & Regards,


Welcome to fiverr. You can get some tips from below link:

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Welcome to Fiverr Vishnu

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Help me.
i am new seller to fiverr, share and like for gig me

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The forums are a huge resource of tips and help. Post up a topic with your question and an answer will follow shortly :grin:

I was having trouble getting an order

There is plenty of advice across the forums for helping to increase visibility of your gig. You should ask something more specific than just you aren’t getting orders

how can I make my gig visible to many people?

Make your gig clear and specialist. A general gig will have competition from thousands, instead of I will make you a logo try I will make you a Chinese banner with animation. Anything to make a gig more niche will increase visibility and sales.

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it is like that I will make a music video that is very unique to gorilaz style ?

Thanks for your kind Information .

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Welcome to Fiverr community best wishes for you Enjoy

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Hey guys,
iam Roshan i am a new fiver user…so …i still working in fiverr…but yet i didnot get any order anyone would rate my gigs …i need some info about it…so i work so hard to get a order …no chance yet
[i will collect 1000 of emails]