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New seller! Video editing services

Hi! I’m a professional video editor and colorist. I’m also a new seller on Fiverr! Here is my gig:

Feel free to review it and reach out. :hugs:


Excellent gig . Wish you all the best to your gig life

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Looks great! You need to charge more though, You’re going to attract the wrong crowd, 3 minutes of video editing is worth more than 5$ - I would say maybe 5$ per minute at the LEAST


i would agree. nice, realistic turnaround and revisions though ^^

and cool that you clearly ask buyers to contact you first, though that would be another reason to jack up your prices there. can always offer custom orders and the higher the price, the less likely the surprise orders


Thanks! That means a lot coming from a successful seller.

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Thank you.
I have some doubts regarding to charging more. Do you think it will make it harder for me to get my first order? I am aware that after getting a few orders, I’ll charge a little more since I do know I’m setting very cheap prices (at least in my first two packages).

I just wanted to clarify:

By this do you mean that, when clients contact me, I should raise the average price of my service?

i would do a couple of cheapies just to gain a profile, but i’m not a seller (although i do edit videos to an extent)

what i am saying though is if you make your premium your basic, and only offer the basic to those who contact you first for a custom order? the way you have it set up, i could order you’re $5 gig right now, then proceed to be a pain in the poo hole by asking for things that arn’t included in that package and that kind of thing. apparently its mostly attractive looking $5 gigs that attract that kind of seller

ya dig?

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Exactly what this person said, a couple cheapies, but you should 100% offer everything in the basic package for a bit more so that people don’t try to get more stuff off of you, but at the end of the day it’s your gig, and you decide how much money you need to make.

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I’m a video editor too. You have great talent about video editing. Your work will success. Wish your fiverr service!!:v::v:

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Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I get it. I am considering to raise the overall pricing of my gigs after doing “a couple of cheapies” and consolidating my profile, as you suggest.

Also, thanks for this last clarification (where I’m guessing you meant “buyer” instead of seller"):

It comes from experience, which is what I need. :raised_hands:

Thanks for the guidance. As a new seller, one can get a bit mistaken. It’s true what you guys are pointing out. So I’ll consider it for sure!

Thanks a lot.

Thank you! I hope you do well with your gigs!

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Thanks a lot! Feel free to share my gig. :wink:

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