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New seller visibility

Hi, I completed creating a gig about 3 days ago but I can’t find myself in the search results.
Is there something special I should do apart from publishing the Gig?

hey man, i also created a gig yesterday and although i cant find myself in the search i got about 18 impressions and one click. I think it doesn’t matter if you see it or not, it’ll show up for other people.

When I went to Fiverr to search your profile, there was no results.

Have you checked if your gig is active? Sometimes Fiverr denies gigs because they violate the TOS.

Thanks. I guess I’ll have to check.

No, it is active and not denied.

Did you check in the Help & Support?

If not, here’s the steps:

  1. Go to help and support at the bottom of the Fiverr home page

  2. In the search bar, type “manage my gigs”

  3. Click on the first search result which should say “Managing your Gigs”

  4. Below the first paragraph, click the text that says “Check your Gig status”

  5. Fill out the info here, and it’ll show you the actual status of your gig

Yes, it’s active but visible in search results because they need to review some more.

That’s what I was thinking!

This means that you have to contact Fiverr CS and they’ll tell you what you need to change in your gig in order for it to appear in the search results!

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Yeah, I done that and let’s see what they say. It really should be a non-issue.

Not a veteran by any means of the word but I had to do a double check on my own profile for this little setting that you should verify isn’t activated—on the left sidebar of your seller profile is the option to be “unavailable” i.e. on vacation, which when set means “you won’t be able to receive new orders.” There is an optional “away”-type message you can include that is visible to potential buyers, which is leading me to believe this may not be relevant to your question because it implies your gig is still visible. Hmm. My gears continue to turn…sorry! Hope it’s a useful reminder nonetheless.

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This happened to one my gigs too, and it’s been about a month since I contacted them, but they still haven’t responded!

Good luck with your gig!

Thanks. I’ve always been “Available”. Noticed that.

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