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New Seller vs Level-1 & Level 2 seller

Hi Guys,
what is your experience?

is it like as a new seller you have to work hard to get some order but after achieving level-1 or 2 you don’t need to struggle badly, the order will come to your way by your gig ranking?

further please provide your suggestions on my gig, is it looking impressive? your feedback will really help me to grow on Fiverr.

Thanks in advance.

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Why are you offering unlimited revisions? Makes no sense. To convert an image to vector, one or two revisions should be enough. Anyone offering unlimited revisions on such an objective task is a red flag to me, I wouldn’t order. I’d expect no revisions to be needed, it’s a straight conversion. Either it’s done correctly or not.

A lot of revisions may make some sense in a highly creative field, like music composing, writing, video editing, etc. On something like converting an image to vectorial or removing a background, it doesn’t make sense.


after your reply, I have checked 20 profile related to my gig. 11/20 are offering Unlimited Revision.
But your suggestion really make sense. I will update my gig.

if there is anything else, please let me know the same.

Thank you for your suggestions.

There are a lot of bad sellers on the platform. Offering unlimited revisions is always a bad idea. Don’t follow the advice given by everyone on the forum, or copy any gig on the platform. Look for successful people and see what they do. The most successful sellers on here (higher levels, more expensive gigs, better reviews) do not offer unlimited revisions.


I don’t follow everyone advice unless I can see adviser have achieved something.
which I can see by the level of your work.
Thank You

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@visualstudios talks a lot of sense on these forums.

It really is a very bad idea to offer unlimited revisions.

You are giving your buyer the right to forever keep requesting more work. You won’t be able to argue, as it’s what you’ve promised in the gig. It’s your contract.

Inexperienced sellers only offer unlimited revisions because they think it will incentivise a buyer to work with them. In reality it shouts “I am inexperienced. Abuse me”.

Also, I don’t think it’s as clear cut to say once you reach level 1 or 2, then life on Fiverr becomes easier. You have to be good in the first place in order to reach level 1 or 2.


@english_voice Thanks you for your suggestion.