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New Seller...........Want help form you

Hi Guys, Please someone help me out in getting the orders.
I am a new seller, that’s why I am maybe suffering,
Please please help me in getting projects.


The first word is “Patient”.
And Send buyer requests every day.

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Welcome here, Best of luck for you :grinning:

Try to be online 24 hours

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There is no such as algorithm for getting the first order. But if you follow some rules, then you can expect something good.Likes

  • Stay active as much as you can

  • Continue GIG marketing on social media Like(Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook)That can helps you to get more Click and impression.

  • Send the buyer request regularly in a nice way.
    (n.b:when you send any buyer request, please first notice the buyer requirements, and try to discuss those things in your request)

  • Moreover you have to keep

Hopefully you will get order soon,


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Hello Mr Bunny Here I have Create my gig But I have no order :sleepy: plz help me :clap:


Wait. I hope you will get order.

Welcome to fiverr community.

Focus on your skills what different and special you are giving.
Send buyer request daily
Make your proposal professional

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