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New Seller with 4.7 gig rating


Hey Everyone,

I’m a new seller on Fiverr have completed 6 orders now and 3 of these have ratings, unfortunetly on my 2nd order I was left with a 4 star rating with good comments. What is the best way for me to proceed now? I was thinking that maybe I should just completly delete my current account and then restart again on a new account. The current Gig is at a 4.7 rating with my overall rating at 4.7


I think , this rating is enough for selling …


I was hoping that this was the case, however, since this rating sells have dropped. I do also only have a low level of ratings at only 3 ratings currently.


Hey congratulation, so I recently signed up as seller on fiverr. Can you give me some tips on what I should do or should not do so I can get some orders?



The best way to get your first sale is via the buyer requests. I found it hard to get my first sale. The I got around 7 sales in one month but unfortunately it seems to now have slowed down and I haven’t received any more sales.


I would suggest- Just stick around this profile only and keep on using “buyer requests” section to get more sales.
Also, don’t loose hope.