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New Seller with a Blocked Account

Hello Everyone!

So, here’s my dilemma–
I am new to Fiverr…have reviewed and understand the TOS.

It was my first gig. Customer was happy and said so in conversations.
It was the customers’ 1st time using Fiverr as well.
He gave me a 4.3 rating.

Fiver then blocked my account in October for a month for not maintaining a 4.5 rating or higher (it was my very first gig!). Got a banner notice (still on my account).

App said the next evaluation time was mid-November. So I thought, “OK…wait out the month and maybe try again to get a good rating.”

After the evaluation period was ended, Fiverr extended the block another month–without explanation.

I sent two professionally worded requests to Support asking for clarification about my account.

I do not understand how I am supposed to get a better rating for my gigs to keep my gigs open if I am blocked from making offers.

Seems like a Catch-22 of sorts.
I’m feeling a little punished because a new buyer didn’t understand the impact his rating would have on my fledgling business.

Can someone please shed some light on this situation?
Do I need to create a new profile? Do I continue to request help from the Support folks? What should my next step(s) be?


Well, not really.

Your account is not blocked, you just can’t send buyer requests and that’s it. Buyer requests section was added to the website as an add on and not a main function.
Main function is for buyer to find your gig and place an order directly.

So you just need to figure out who is your target audience and how to reach them.

Support can not help here. It will be just waste of their time. Your buyer decided that you didn’t provide the best service you could and left 4.3 star review. And restriction of 90% stats is there so only the best of the best could apply for buyer requests which you are not qualifying for at the moment.
I’m not even sure what do you expect from fiverr support, that they will do your job for you and satisfy your clients? It doesn’t work like this.

Add on: all stats are taking into account orders only from the last 60 days.


I think it’s all-time rating for sending offers to BR.


TY mariashtelle1 for your response…very helpful.

I guess I need to dig in and understand more about the Fiverr platform. I did not expect Support to do my work for me–just didn’t understand how the system works, I guess.

re: “So you just need to figure out who is your target audience and how to reach them.”
I’m brand new to freelancing, so any suggestions (Fiverr articles, etc.) on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Just need a ‘point’ in the right direction…

Again, thanks!

TY catwriter for your reply…good-to-know info!