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New seller with a question

Hi everyone, I’m Simona. I’m new here and I’d like to ask a question. how do you accept a buyer’s personalized offer? And how is it legitimized so that it is tracked and therefore the employment relationship is in compliance with the agency’s policies?
Thanks to those who want to answer me.


You’re probably best to start by reading the terms of service:

Not sure what you mean by that - Fiverr isn’t an agency, you’re not employed by Fiverr. Fiverr is a platform that puts buyers in touch with sellers …

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hello, thanks for answering me. I know I’m not a an employee of FIVERR. (I know these platforms and they are different from each other) I was just asking, as I don’t find an answer from other parties, if when you accept a personalized offer, the work is indicated in the active orders.

Are you buying or selling? If selling, the order appears under the “orders” tab, as well as on the dashboard.

If you’re a buyer, there’s also an “orders” link on your top menu, where current orders appear.

So, I’m selling two animated graphics. the buyer contacted me by post and then, after some exchanges of opinion, sent me a request for a personalized order, which suits me and so I decide to accept. but how? simply by replying affirmatively to the email, because I don’t see other options.
in fact I have no active orders although I am working for this buyer.
I hope to be clear and thanks for your patience.
but what I wanted was not to break any TOS rules

What does that mean? Inbox is the only acceptable method of communicating with buyers …

Ah. In the inbox you will see a green button at the bottom of the thread - “create an offer”. Click that and make your offer.

Really, you should probably do this free course from Fiverr to help you get an idea of how the whole thing works:

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And in fact that’s what I did, even if it seemed strange to me. I would have expected to see an “accept” button and, in case I didn’t agree, make my own. so Ok, done. another move is up to the buyer to make the order active, right?
Thank you, you’ve been kind.

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No problem.

On your side, you’ll see a button on the offer saying “withdraw customized offer”, while on the buyer side that button says “accept offer”.

I hope you’ve put an expiry on the offer, otherwise they may come back a long time later, when you’ve completely forgotten about it …

Yes, thanks again. Now it’s clear. :smiley:

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