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New seller with a slightly strange offering :)


I am a new seller offering personalised motivational messages for anyone needing a bit of a productivity boost in their personal or professional life :slight_smile: Life in lockdown has been difficult for us all and I like that creating these personalised audios for people can really make a difference to being successful during this time!

It’s a very niche market, so my question is, does anybody have any advice for new members who have a alternative/ niche offering? Any tips for getting noticed?



Cool idea, Heather!

Just enter “gig advice” in the search window on the Forum home page for some tips.

WARNING: Not all the advice published in the Forum is good advice.

Good luck.


Warm welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for a lot of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

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thanks! great advice…

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It’s a nice idea to offer something new and fresh, but here’s what you need to have in mind:

  • If people are not searching, it’s not very likely that you’ll have many orders. Sometimes someone will browse, stumble upon your offer, and think “this is awesome, I need this”, but don’t count on that happening too often.
  • What people come here for are mostly done-for-you services that save money and time. Your niche might not be here or they are not actively searching for inspiration and motivation. Instead of relying upon that someone finds you, what might be a good idea is to promote yourself where you know people ARE searching for that —> social media. Hoping that your buyers will come themselves is not a good idea, even if there is a huge demand for your offer. Market yourself, and don’t rely solely on the platform.

I don’t want to sound harsh or anything, but the business world is not sweet. You need to know to market and sell, and it’s not about you or your offer.

Since your niche is small, you need to pinpoint where those people hang out and how to reach them.

I wish you the best of luck! :four_leaf_clover:


welcome to fiver forum.

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This one really informative.

Welcome to the biggest freelancing platform. I wish you the best of luck!

Congratulations … Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you all the best here.