New Seller


Hello fellow fiverr users,

I am completely new to fiverr and have got a great new gig that I want to start up. I trialed a smaller gig a few weeks ago but it produced zero sales. I am wondering if anyone has any tips for new fiverr users to succeed. It seems that new users don’t generate sales and the sales go to the ‘top dogs’.

Anybody have any suggestions and what sales figures to focus on? My gig is to provide 50 fresh leads which are updated almost every hour (telephone number, email, name, etc).

Thanks guys


You seems to have removed your gig.


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@netsecrets Submit to Buyers Requests every day. Use all 10 submissions for 10 days, and if you have submitted to requests that are related to your gig, then you will get at least one order. This sounds laborious, but it is the only way to cut your way through the jungle and be successful on Fiverr. I did it for 10 months, and then in my 11th month, I made Level 2 because one of my Buyers Requests turned out to be a whale of 50 orders. So, you have to keep at it, like rubbing two sticks together to build a fire, and once it catches fire… watch out. Be careful what you ask for.


Like webtelly said I’ve been a seller for 3 years and yes at first it is slow. Very slow. The longer you are here the more you learn and you’re expertise will grow. It’s like a seed, you just planted it and it needs water so market, tweak your gig, talk to more experienced sellers and you will watch that seed grow. Eventually like a lot of sellers you will feel overwhelmed at the amount of requests. Keep pluggin away!