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New Seller

Hello! I’m new to Fiverr and I’m just looking for suggestions on my gigs and how to get buyers. I just signed up on the 29th of June and I guess I expected orders to start ASAP but wishful thinking I guess. Any suggestions on if I need to change my gig or should I be creating more than one for each service that I’m offering? Any positive feedback is greatly appreciated.

Did you read any post on the forum before posting this?

You can become the next TRS (Top Rated Seller) if you search thru the forums and view posts that were made yesterday, last month and last year!

In addition, you should think about adding more gigs and having professional gig covers. I noticed you only have 1 gig.


Hello. Congratulations for joining Fiverr. Kindly visit the “Buyer Requests” below you name and send offers to buyers. That was where I begun when I joined fiver 9 months ago.

You got some good advice already and here is a bit more:

Click on the Discussions link at the top of this forum page. The first several posts are called “Announcements” and have a lot of useful information.

Read the other posts in Tips for Sellers. You’ll see that this category is for people to post tips for other sellers. (Even though not everyone uses it correctly, it is not for asking for tips. You can do that in Fiverr FAQ or Conversations or even Fiverr Stories.)

Read the forum Do’s and Dont’s at the top of this page. That way you can keep from getting your posts edited, deleted, etc.