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HI all, I have not been active on fiverr for a while so I tried editing my gigs to attract buyers. Pls can anyone take a look at my gigs and offer advice? Thanks.

Dear Burl:

I took a look at one of your gigs. Here is the help you requested:

  • Your profile text:

Seemed fine to me.

  • Gig Title:

I will type out any document to Microsoft Word format for $5

IMHO, you are limiting yourself by specifying Microsoft Word format. At a minimum, I would suggest adding PDF, txt, and any other format you think would help draw more eyeballs to your gig. I suggest you find the most relevant format keywords and add them to your gig title.

  • Gig Image: You have only one, you should have 3. The typewriter is cute, but also says you are behind the times. Have you ever typed anything on a typewriter in your life?

  • Gig Description:

I can type out any document accurately to a Microsoft word document. The document will be accurately typed to the last period. I am an experienced typist with a 65 w.p.m typing speed.This gig is for 500 words.

Unfortunately, as presented, this description has at least 2 typos:

1 “w.p.m” should be “w.p.m.” or "wpm"
2 “speed.This” should be “speed. This”

Having typos in your gig description does not inspire confidence in your buyers. Also, I believe keyboardist might be an improvement over typist. Reasonable people can disagree.

Some people want 2 spaces after each period, some people consider that practice to be out of date. You should make clear that you are willing to do it however the buyer prefers.

A suggested format for your gig descriptions:





You can have 1200 characters in your gig descriptions; I suggest you take advantage of that.

  • Video 30 to 60 seconds, with sound

  • Fiverr Academy

Good luck,