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New Sellers are copying the Top Rated Sellers

Hi, Fiverr is really great place to start the career as a Freelancer. There are many new users come and post new gigs everyday to get orders. I see that many new users just copy the top rated sellers gig and try to confuse the new buyers. I’m not sure whether Fiverr is aware about this or not. I think Fiverr should try to stop this type of act on the marketplace. This type of things definitely bring down the reliability of the platform.

This is also a Violation of Fiverr T&C and there should be a “Report Inappropriate” button on each gig.

Here are few gigs which are just the copy of top rated sellers:

Original gig:-

Copy of it:-

Original gig:-

Copy of it:-

What do you think Folks at Fiverr about this?

I have noticed that too and find it quite annoying.

People try to get seller in any way they can, that’s sad and annoying in one and seriously should be stopped.

this is just ridiculous. cant we report them to fiverr?

its hard out here, people have to do what they have to do to try to make a buck, There are scam artist everywhere…

Well, if someone calls himself or herself:

? BEST CREATIVE eBook Cover Designer on Fiverr ?

And he or she has no reviews, then you know it’s a scam. Level 1 sellers are usually humble, it’s only later on that they start bragging. I would never call myself best anything, over promising is deadly. If you gotta sell, sell with the truth. “Over 1000 orders completed” for example.

That is quite sad and uncreative. I try to supply what is unique… give people a reason to choose me.

Reply to @safwan: Yes, they can be reported to Customer Support, the same way you’d contact them for anything else.