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New sellers are saturating markets like crazy

I’ve been a consistent seller on Fiverr for a good few months now. But due to Covid 19, and the increased pressure for people to earn extra cash and start side hustling, it seems to have had a huge impact on my gigs reach.
The quality of service some of these new seller are providing is ridiculous. Very little knowledge about what they’re actually doing, and undercutting to the point that it’s barely financially viable. Let me know if any of you are experiencing the same issue.

Rant over lol


According to this

It appears as you also had to join this platform due to some pressure of earning extra cash or other reasons idk.

I wouldn’t agree with the word ‘issue’, because it is more of a situation.

Besides, it is true that this all has caused a hell of a spam on the forum, which includes all repeated questions and just useless stuff.

Technically speaking, that is not true! There is a number of other sellers who always stay on the top pages no matter what. There could be other reasons, but the increased traffic is none of them!



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I totally agree with this answer. If they’re good as they (author of the thread) state nothing will impact them, especially a new seller with bad service as they say.


I don’t want to offend anyone.

True thing. I am a new member on Fiverr but I’ve seen many people same category as me, programming websites, for ridiculously low price (5-15$) or like delivery in 1 day!

Seems like that many people complain that something has happened with Fiverr search and when it happened, people that were on first page are now always there.

If I’m wrong about what I’ve said, please correct me.

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Why would you be afraid of little competition? For example when I see someone saying he will create desktop application with all kinds of things for 5$ i lmao, not because he says he will do it for that amount, just because I know its a copy/paste from internet and without any chance of debugging it.

It goes for many other gigs. I wouldnt worry too much about it.


Exactly mate, well said!

I am also new to this amazing platform but I strongly believe that new Sellers offering very cheap services are not going to affect the marketplace. Its a race of survival of the fittest. One who can deliver best product at a reasonable price and most importantly, great customer support is going to rock here.

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Oh thanks let me remove covid and put the ‘pressure’ only

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If a professional is joining, then yes there is competition. He/she will market the price at an appropriate amount.

If a non professional offering a website for $5 joins, then the buyer who pays and the seller that made the offer are a match made in heaven.



Thanks for the input guys. Noted.
Although i’de like to point out, the majority of these replies are from sellers who have all launched in the last few months, so in a way i think that answers my original suspicion.

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Preferably input from higher level sellers would be useful.
I love how everyone becomes a Fiverr mastermind on here even with only a month or two under their belt. :rofl:

There’s nothing you can do about that.

Businesses only survive if they avoid becoming superfluous. There are lots of ways you can do that. Your market was already super crowded. That means it can only get worse, not better. Find a market and niche that isn’t.


Good input. Thanks. I’ve always been able to keep my head above water with competition within my sector, but recently with this flood of new sellers offering ridiculous pricing i’m finding it difficult.
The whole ‘you get what you pay for’ saying doesn’t seem to compute with a lot of these buyers. :rofl: It just completely discredits the service i feel.

Good buyers know value and legitimacy when they see it.


Totally agree!.. Although part of me is starting to doubt this. :see_no_evil:

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I also love how the old ones see themselves as a Fiverr mastermind with the same brain inside their heads :tipping_hand_woman:

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I never said i was a mastermind. I wanted input from sellers who have experienced something similar to me. Not from new sellers who are the reason i asked the question in the first place. lol

neither did I. I did not even mention your name lmao.

You should put it in your topic “ONLY OLD SELLERS ALLOWED” that way you would save yourself a lot of spam plus our time would be saved from the waste as well smh

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