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New sellers are the best selling now?


I just keep wondering fiverr search algorithm.

Now the best selling tab is crowded of new sellers, with no sales and/or experience at fiverr. Why those are on best selling filter?

Again, it’s becoming frustrating to do a good job, then see the placement you earned (by doing a good work over the years) be given to some random gig who never did a sale.

Over 6 filters (3 in search (RELEVANCE, BEST SELLING, NEWEST ARRIVALS) and 3 in gigs category ranking (RECOMMENDED, BEST SELLING, NEWEST ARRIVALS), only 1 is really valuing the best sellers, all the others are crowded with new and inexperienced sellers.


They are new on Fiverr but they perhaps have a longer experience than yours or mine outside Fiverr. And perhaps they are better than us.
This is perhaps one of the reason why Fiverr want to give them a chance.
But, I agree with you that results of the filters are sometimes not really accurate!


Perhaps yes, perhaps not. But they still are not best sellers to be in a best selling category.

That’s why there is New Sellers filter.

I’m a seller and a buyer, when I’m looking for the best selling products (or gigs) in any site, I want to see what I’m looking for. Not a manipulated or messed up search.

Giving a chance would be fair for new users if the tab would be called like “featured gigs of the month/week” something like this. I believe Best Selling filter should be reserved for best selling gigs, like everywhere else.

I never had a chance at fiverr, beside my own good service. I became the best seller in my main category. Of course if I started now I would like to get million of chances, be I would still think it was not fair


Frustrated freelancer here. My best selling gig ceased to show up on Search completely. How do you explain this?


Yes me too…
I really in disappoint with Fiverr… I worked very hard for 2 yesra almost and now my gigs are disappears…


this is probably not related with the search algorithm, but with some restriction in your gig. Try contacting customer support to fix this, or at least to know why its not being shown at the search

same as above


Ok for my opinion, they want only to cancel many account definitively…I hope not, but I don’t see other reason


If they were trying to cancel your account, the would already do this.

Like I said, try contacting support to know WHY. Keep just imagining why, wont help at all.


For example in the car wrapping I’m the first seller, and I’m visible, but for my Gig for the sketch drawings
that it’s going to be very well, disappeared
I m visible only on the seventh page of the search


I will do very sooon


This is what CS told me when I contacted them:


Thank you for contacting us regarding your Gig. Our editorial team reviewed the Gig in question, but unfortunately, we are not currently able to restore this Gig to our Search Results, as the service offered in the Gig is not currently within our editorial focus. This Gig is still active, however, so you may still promote the Gig outside of Fiverr to bring potential buyers to your Gig.


Any idea what this means? My gig is about content writing for websites.


well, then your gig didnt disappear from the search. It’s only in the 7th page. It’s completely different than not being shown at all


Yes sure but before I was always on the second page


I’m sorry but i’m not familiar with fiverr editorial focus related with your gig. I’ve already see many people complaining about similar situations, but I dont know if they got success or not to make their gig to show again


that’s why opened this post.

because the placement good sellers earned by their good work, now is crowded with random and non experienced gigs.

I would like to understand how useful is this to fiverr itself and buyers, who fiverr is trying to manipulate to make these NO SALES AT ALL gigs to be seen as best sellers at fiverr.

or it’s a huge bug from search algorithm


Mine does not appear on any page at all. CS message was quite vague too. Feeling so frustrated!


Okay. Thanks for your input. Do you think pausing the gig and then publishing later would be a good idea?


I’m sorry but I dont believe it will work.

I would try to creating a new one from zero


That would mean I start from scratch yet I already have more than 200 reviews for this gig.


unfortunately, yes.

or try changing this gig to fit in their requirements.

anything else, I have no idea what to do