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New sellers asking for help - what to do instead

so helpfulll madam iam new on fiverr and just learning how this marketplace work :smile:

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Thank you for the reading :nerd_face:money button

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I could not agree more. Glad to know there are still grounded people aware of what freelancing and putting effort in your own success actually means.


freelancing is a good work for every man… lots helpfull its me.

New Sellers, Take Note!! Bless this whole thread !!! I wish so many more people would realize that freelance doesn’t mean shortcut to easy money. It’s not true!- it takes work and dedication.

You are 100% responsible for the adverse outcome if you follow advice from spammy blogs and YouTube videos where they tell you how to subvert the system or get sales/clients through unethical practices. I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t pay half as well in the long term.


Actually when I started my journey back in 2018, I followed this method too. But then I realized I was so wrong.

Very well said


Yes, I really agree with you. Freelance means you got to work however with flexible time. Rather than do the spam, exaggerate your selling and hack the system, I prefer to showcase my skill, flourish in time and gain connection while do the job.

As a buyer, I really think that when sellers try to tailor or pay attention to fit the buyer’s needs or desires, that’s the way to have a higher chance of getting a sale. Sometimes I get communication or see gigs that aren’t applicable to my needs or is just a flat out copy and paste generic response that doesn’t mention how their service/gig fits my need. I know it sounds a bit trivial or dull… trust me…it’s like if you order a drink at a restaurant the waiter walks away and hands you a random Sprite or Coke without asking you. Communication and tailoring. Tailoring and communication, I personally think.


Thank you for this great advice. :heart: :heart:

Forum has been a lot helpful to me than going on internet to read from writers who might have even been banned on Fiverr. Thanks

I don’t mean to seem ugly, but there are SO many things to read and understand, it becomes overwhelming. Sometimes it’s a time saving factor to ask for assistance from a vetted member.

My best,

Very good information. Best of luck too :+1: